Monday, July 14, 2008

Wizards vs. Trail Blazers: Second Quarter

- The half ends with the scoreline Wizards 37, Blazers 36. Bayless leads all scorers with 17 points. He also has 3 boards.

Not much else out of anyone else. Koponen has 6 points and the team's only assist. Batum has 3 points and 3 assists. Josh Davis has 4 points and 6 rebounds.

- Josh Davis picks up his fourth personal foul of the half. Use 'em if you got 'em. Chris Ellis picks up his fourth as well. Nice work fellas.

Bayless takes the inbound, dribbles, drives and goes up with a baseline shot that finds the mark while drawing a foul. Bayless makes the And1, for his 17th point of the half.

- Bayless seems a little reluctant to pass the ball unless absolutely necessary. He finds Batum around the three point line. Batum, who as far as I can tell isn't the least bit shy about putting it up, misses the three.

Blazers get called for an illegal defense, which seems a tad unnecessary given the nature of the summer league. Then again, it's summer league for the new refs too.

- Dee Brown does a header into the television analyst table. Nice hustle, though the Blazers did end up with the ball.

Nic Batum makes his first jumper of the game, which is a good sign. If Batum can get just a bit closer to the rim before shooting, he's be doing himself a favor.

Bayless gets another trip to the free throw line. He's got 14 points, with 8 of those coming from the line.

- Bernard Robinson makes a mid-range jumper as the shot clock expires. Like I previously mentioned, the movement on offense just isn't producing. Bayless and Batum are back in with Hill, Robinson and Pinnock.

Illegal screen. Blazers turnover. Score Wizards 24, Blazers 23. Blazers shooting 35% with 8 turnovers.

- The second unit is in to start the second quarter. JR Pinnock, Steven Hill, Morris Finley and Josh Davis are on the floor. The Wizards look like they're also playing the second string.

Josh Davis makes his first two of the summer league, extending the Blazers lead to 21-17.

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