Thursday, April 10, 2008

Today in links: April 10

Two days off at this point in the season feels like an eternity. Lots of solid links to fill the gap between now and tomorrow's game in Sacramento.

• Channing Frye breaks down his approach to the game and how it corresponds to playing time this season:
But it comes down to this: I’m 24 years old, this is my 3rd year in the NBA. I’m finally embracing the type of game that I’m going to need to have, and the type of work ethic that I’m going to need to have, to not only survive, but to thrive, in this league.

It’s a business, and sometimes you need a harsh reminder of the seriousness of that. For me to play more, is for me to continue to be a consistent worker. Not only in the weight room and practice court, but in the games. Also, for me to understand my role on this team and to find a way to help not only myself, but the team, to be a good as we can be. The complicated part is that it changes at times and I’m getting used to that.

• Revisiting the rumored Zach Randolph for Richard Jefferson trade.

• Most people usually point to Minnesota as the team that flubbed by not holding on to Brandon Roy on draft night. But as time goes on and the Roy-bot continues to improve, the second guessing increases. In regards to the trade that the Toronto Raptors made to acquire TJ Ford for Charlie Villanueva ...
Now that Jose (Calderon) is Jose and Brandon Roy is Brandon Roy and Ford is suspect for several reasons, there's no way Colangelo makes that deal again. Jose and Roy in the backcourt; Charlie as a sixth man; Rasho and Bosh up front and more money to spend on additional depth would have the Raptors further ahead than they are today. I wouldn't have said that last season; and if Bargnani can get his stuff together, maybe I won't next year and the years after. But hoping for that to happen is a gamble too.

• Here's an article from about the Blazers' turnaround. It's a nice little piece, but as an astute reader at Blazer's Edge points out, there are a couple mistakes.

• Making the case that the Blazers should ditch Blaze the Trail Cat for SuperSonic mascot Sasquatch. No comment.

• An interview with Chris Bowles, the Blazers Director of Player Programs.

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