Thursday, April 24, 2008

Joel Przybilla takes charge

Flopping is the rage these days. Watching the NBA Playoffs, it seems to me that a player trying to draw a charge acts like he's been hit by a stun gun when an offensive player makes even the slightest amount of contact. It's a little ridiculous, but it's a part of the game (at least now it is).

But while flopping is one of the most ignoble parts of the game, sacrificing your body to take a legit charge is one of the most honorable things a player can do. Standing still and upright while a dribbling freight train is coming right at you is tough. What's more, it's unnatural. Our minds are trained from a young age to get the heck out of the way when something is coming directly at you at a high rate of speed, so learning to take a charge requires not only physical toughness but an ability to overcome your conscious and subconscious mind.

Joel Przybilla is not a flopper. Does he embellish occasionally in order to draw a foul? Maybe, but for the most part, when Przybilla commits to drawing a charge, he does it with nobility. He also does it quite often. Thanks to, we learn that Przybilla ended the season tied for fourth in the league with 47 charges drawn. Only Derek Fisher, Andrew Bogut and Mikki Moore took more charges (Kyle Lowry also took 47 offensive fouls).

The list somewhat dispels the notion that international players are to blame for the increase in flopping. Of the 30 players with the most charges drawn this season, seven originate from places outside the United States. Manu Ginobli, whom many consider the epitome of the international flopper, is 37th on the list with 27 charges (though he did draw four more offensive fouls categorized as "other").

Brandon Roy cames in second on the Blazers with 24 charges taken. After that it's Steve Blake (21), Jarrett Jack (16), James Jones (16), LaMarcus Aldridge (13), Martell Webster (13), Channing Frye (11), Travis Outlaw (11), Raef LaFrentz (5), Sergio Rodriguez (2) and (ex-Blazer) Taurean Green (1).

So here's to you Joel Przybilla. You represent what taking a charge is all about.


Illuminate said...

Good stuff Casey...loved the LMA vidoes too. Thanks for the great year of posting videos. I know there's plenty of people out there like me that watch and read all the stuff you put out yet are just too lazy to get an account and post comments :-) So keep it up! We love it. This, MB's blog, and Blazersedge raawwwwk! Thanks a ton!

Robert said...

huh. interesting. Wheres Kobe Bryant on that list? Seems he does a ton of "verbal flops" and it annoys the heck outta me...