Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Jarrett Jack makes great predictions

Last night's National Championship game was probably one of the better NCAA games I've ever seen, which was a treat considering I found this year's tourney to be, for a most part, a bit humdrum. Congrats to both teams, and special kudos to Raef LaFrentz and Kevin Prtichard, our two Jayhawks-turned-Blazers.

Did you have Kansas making it to the NC game in your bracket? Neither did I, which is just one of the many errors I made when putting together my picks. Now that's it's over, I'm kicking myself for not getting Jarrett Jack's opinion, seeing as how he told KU guard Mario Chalmers four years ago that he'd play in the title game.
Mario Chalmers had been to the Final Four before. In 2004, when Chalmers was 17, he was in the crowd to cheer on his friend Jarrett Jack and Georgia Tech.

The Yellow Jackets lost in the national championship game to Connecticut, 82-73. Afterward, Jack talked to Chalmers and made a bold prediction.

“One day you’ll be there,” Jack told him. “When you get here, make the most of your opportunity.”

Chalmers did just that, hitting the three-pointer that sent the game to overtime. Good advice Jarrett.

Semi-interesting side note: I told someone the other day that Chalmers reminded me of Jack. Strange coincidence.

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