Thursday, April 24, 2008

LaMarcus Aldridge's Top Plays has a great compilation of LaMarcus Aldridge highlights that you absolutely have to check out. The game winner, passes from the baseline to the cutter, alley-oop dunks, putback dunks, ridiculous blocks. They're all there.

I'm picking highlight No. 4 as my personal favorite. Which is yours?


Sophia said...



I just watched this video...If you look at the other top 10's featured you will notice the "top 10 buzzer beaters"...why was Travis' shot not included?...that shot was to win the game, not some half court prayer by le-baron james after the first quarter...

sorry for the rant


Casey Holdahl said...

I agree with you Sophia, but you also answered your own question. From the NBA's perspective, LeBron James doing anything is more important than anybody else (Travis Outlaw included) doing something more impressive.

tejal said...

Lebron James is a NBA Superstar and thats why he is in the highlights, but I agree Travis should be there. I think Brandon Roy's switch of the hands against Chris Bosh came in first for top ten season plays. That was cool.