Monday, April 7, 2008

The book on LaMarcus Aldridge

We're just about at the end of the season, which means it's time to start lobbying for post-season awards. Travis Outlaw has an outside shot at sixth man, though even he would admit that the slump he's currently coming out of hurt his chances. Greg Oden might have had a shot at Rookie of the Year, but you know what happened with that. MVP? Brandon Roy's not there, yet.

But Most Improved Player? That's LaMarcus Aldridge's to lose, in my opinion. If you need some convincing, check out the Rip City Rising online comic book, which makes the case for MIP case for LA.

He's improved his scoring average almost nine points. He's improved his rebounding by two and a half boards per game. He lead the Blazers in scoring 24 times this season and in rebounds 28 times. He's got 11 more double-doubles this season with five games to go. He's improved every part of his game, period. A few other players have had nice increases this year -- Rudy Gay and Hedo Turkoglu come to mind -- but I think the Blazers' improved record tips the scale in LaMarcus' favor.

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