Friday, April 11, 2008

Nike Hoop Summit Links

The Nike Hoop Summit is less that 24 hours away, and this is probably the last post I'm going to devote to the best collection of under-19 players from the States and abroad. Tickets are still available online for the insanely low price of $6, so if I haven't convinced you to check it out by now, then nothing is going to change your mind.

If for some reason you can't make it to the Rose Garden tomorrow, you can watch the game on Fox Sports Net starting at 1 p.m. What's even better is that Yahoo! is going to webcast the game live.

Here's the latests news from the Hoop Summit buildup.

• OPB's Andrew Theen filed an audio postcard from a basketball clinic the international team put on at the Self Enhancement Inc.

• Sean Meagher and Tim Brown at put together two great videos from the USA and World team practices.

• The Mike Schmidt from Draft Express has been breaking down the talent pool on both teams. here's the report from the first day of practices, and here's the report from the second day.

• USA Today asked Dirk Nowitzki, who lead the International team to a 104-99 victory back in 1998, about his experience playing in the Hoop Summit:
"I didn't know how big this game was going to be," Nowitzki said. "I had played the Euros (European championship) with my under-16 national team and there were a couple of colleges there. This game was broadcast live on ESPN2 — there were hundreds of scouts there. Without that game, my transition to the NBA wouldn't have been as easy."

• Angel Garcia, a Memphis commit who I imagine will start tomorrow for the Internationals, had a heck of a time even getting on the court last season after transferring. The ringer they put amateur athletes through is often ridiculous.

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