Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Photos: Trail Blazers 91, Celtics 86

Tons of great images from last night's win, including a picture of Nate McMillan and Greg Oden sharing a smile, the now infamous six-men-on-the-court play, an unusually pensive Kevin Garnett, hugs after hugs and Pierce's elbow being fouled by Aldridge's face. Good times.


Peter Thomas said...

The "6 Blazers on the court" picture would be a perfect "Where (picture) happens" :)

Zach and Yessidey said...

I love the Greg and Nate smiling pic... This game was HUGE for his confidence.

Zany_Zeal said...

I think we should use 6 men on the court on a regular basis, to keep the Referees on their toes.

Great win gentlemen keep up the pressure, well played Greg keep smiling all the way to the playoffs.