Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Who starts in place of Roy?

Bad news out of shootaround today, as Brandon Roy, already listed as questionable for tonight's game against the Celtics, is now declaring himself doubtful. Getting a win against the World Champs is tough, but doing it without your best player? That's going to take something special.

So who picks up the slack if Roy doesn't play, and more specifically, who takes Roy's spot in the rotation? It basically comes down to Rudy Fernandez and Jerryd Bayless. The snap judgment would be to go with Rudy, as he has more general NBA and "big game" experience, but the decision might not be as cut and dry as it appears on the surface.

A few things to contemplate.

Having Roy out of the lineup already throws the rotation for a loop. If you give Rudy the start, that rotation goes even more catywampus, as both the first and second units change. If you simply go Bayless for Roy, you at least keep the second unit intact, though it can be assumed that Rudy plays more minutes regardless.

Then there are matchups to consider. Is Blake and Bayless vs. Rondo and Allen a better option than Blake and Rudy vs. Rondo and Allen?

And then there's past performance. Rudy has played much more than Bayless, but a lot of people thought Jerryd showed something during his garbage time minutes in the loss to the Celtics. Do you reward Bayless for that tenacity with the start, or defer to Rudy's experience and proclivity for scoring?

Also worth noting that Bayless often runs with the first team during practice when Roy sits. Does that give Bayless the leg up? Then again, Rudy often plays with the first unit late in games, so maybe he gets the edge.

I've got an opinion, but I'd like to hear your thoughts first. If it were your call, who would you give the start to? Let's hear it in the comments.


patrick said...

maybe start bayless and see how he does - being a home game certainly helps his odds. rudy does have more game time experience, but it might be smart to hold onto rudy and react to how bayless plays.

regardless, rudy will get the minutes, but if you start rudy and he starts shaky, then it may be tougher on bayless to come in a pull it together compared to rudy coming in and straightening it out.

hatten said...

Bayless needs the playing time. I like his toughness; especially against Boston. Why not?

hatten said...

Bayless needs more game time experience and we need his toughness against Boston's agressive pressure defense. Why not?

Jetpack: Missing said...

I would start Bayless ahead of Rudy if Roy is out tonight. I think that would disrupt the chemistry the least and still leave Sergio and Rudy coming in together. Also, Bayless is a better defender than Rudy and the intensity he would bring (especially feeling he really has something to prove getting the start) may be a spark we need.

Of course I hope none of these decisions are needed and Roy is able to play.

Joe said...

Yo, you better start Bayless.

Andrew said...

I would start Bayless in place of Roy. Keep the 2nd Unit together. Rudy will play more minutes so Bayless should at least start and play 20-25 minutes compared to Rudy's 30-35 minutes.

Casey Holdahl said...

Good comments all. I too would start Bayless. I think it makes more sense to put Jerryd out there with Blake, as he's probably better suited to help Bayless along.

I'm also one of those guys who thinks you should keep the second unit intact. Boston's bench isn't terribly deep, and seeing as this is the fourth road game in a row for the Celtics, I think having our second unit come in and run, run, run might be the best way to attack.