Friday, December 5, 2008

Today's Oden Wisdom: Gossip Girl? Really?

Folks seem a bit keyed up for tonight's game against the Celtics. Maybe a bit too keyed up. So to lighten the mood, here's today's bit of Oden Wisdom from the bigman's yardbarker blog:
The road trip has been good so far besides basketball they are some really good cities that we have been too. In Detroit i got to see my mom so that was good. Then in New York i just like it, me and Steve Blake went out to dinner and i got to see some of the places that were on this weeks episode of Gossip Girl.
I don't know about you, but this is what I learned from this little blurb:
• Greg Oden's mother lives relatively close to Detroit
• Greg Oden likes New York City
• Greg Oden watches Gossip Girl
• Gossip Girl takes place in New York City
• Steve Blake and Greg Oden eat dinner together sometimes


SabonisFan3386 said...

I've never heard of Gossip Girl. Is it anything like Gilmore Girls? If so, I fear for our big man.

Casey, your earlier jab about the Civil War was cold. Ice cold. And to think I sought solace in my Blazers fandom...

Casey Holdahl said...

I think its a show about rich New Yorker kids who are mean to each other, or something. It's on the CW, so it's pretty much a guarantee that it's horrible.

You gots to take the good with the bad on the CW front.

erin said...

Come on, Casey, in the media guide, Oden says that Gossip Girl is his favorite show. I would think you would have that stuff memorized. I'm coming over on Monday and forcing you to watch Gossip Girl. It's a quality show.

John said...

Oden watches it

It is therefore awesome.

C'mon Casey!!!

ha ha ha

Rick_Dawg said...

That could explain why he seems soft out there sometimes. Gossip Girls Greg? Cmon man, how about some UFC or real life Gladiator fights.