Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Video: McMillan, Roy postgame

Disappointing. An otherwise great effort marred by about two minutes of terrible, no good basketball. We haven't lost many games like this recently.

Here's video of Nate McMillan and Brandon Roy addressing the media postgame.


Kite-Flite said...

C R A P !!!

This was sooooooo disappointing!

But hey, if you don't ever loose, you forget how awful you feel.

If you feel bad enough, you want to do everything in your power to avoid feeling like that again.

Oh well. Long season, right?

benicholmikevanina said...

Come on Nate, this was your loss. Take ownership when it's your fault! Nate is an amazing coach and has done and continues to do a great job but everyone is allowed a slip from time to time. This particular loss was Nates in my opinion. I think he was too comfortable and let the game slip away. This was a time-out management issue. Also, you have to make sure you have a plan to get the ball in when the game is tight and on the line in the final seconds.

Just take ownership! :-)


Blazers4ever said...

we defended a lot inside and let the outside shooters of Orlando make almost every single 3 point shot. that's where we should of worked and try to defend all night long. Howard got cold but they used him as a bait and we went for it. in result of that, they knocked more 3 pointers and that's how they beat us. we have to see and understand the game better when it comes to these type of situations. cant be learning on your mistakes every night.