Saturday, December 27, 2008

Video: McMillan from practice

There's been a bit of discussion regarding Nate McMillan's consideration of making a change in the rotation, so I thought you might enjoy watching the video of that exchange. It's from a few days ago, but I think it'll give you some perspective as to where McMillan's mind is.


Eaglejohn said...

I fill as in this game now against Toronto and most of the games this season the defense sucks and if the players are not going to commit
to playing defense then McMillian needs to get a back bone and start benching players no matter who the player is. We have players that don't play or don't play much (Bayless, Diogu, Randolph) that should be givin the opportunity to play if the rest of them don't want to. Maybe we will take tonights game but this defense that is not being played is going to cost us games like it already has. Plus why play a zone against some of the best shooting teams makes no since. I feel if Mcmillian can't get them to play better DEFENSE then maybe he should bring in a good defensive minded assistant coach to help cause the one we have is not doing the job it appears. I like McMillian but it appears he's to soft.
By the way can the coaching staff also teach the players to stop shooting so many 3's and jump shots and take the ball to the basket???? Jump shooting teams go no where!!!!!
I love my Blazers don't get me wrong, been a fan since day one of1970 since I was 6 years old.DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEFENSE!

Eaglejohn said...

See if they play like they are here in the 2nd half specially 4th quarter then they will win more.HEY PLEASE BEAT BOSTON< EVEN IF YOU NEVER WIN AGAIN, JUST BEAT BOSTON SINCE I WILL BE THERE, LOL

rjbass said...

I've been around the Basketball game all my life. Now I don't claim to be a coach but I want to make two comments. I've been observing these and really became obvious at the Mavericks game. Team, basic fundamentals, Please, Please, follow every shot you take. Especially the guards, Don't expect your going to make every shot. Work on it. Last, Block out. Get down low into your man and Block out. Bring on the Celtics. Let's show them true Blazer Mania.