Friday, January 2, 2009

Brandon Roy still a game-time decision

Joel Pryzbilla (left wrist) is all but guaranteed to go tonight versus the New Orleans Hornets, but Brandon Roy's (hamstring) availability is still up the air. The decision, according to Roy, will come down to how he feels later today in a game of one-on-one.

"I feel better," said Roy. "Going through shootaround, made some plays. I told coach I’m probably going to play some one-on-one today to have a better assessment of where I’m at. I’ll get (to the arena) early to do some one-on-one stuff where I’ve really got to score. (McMillan) said if you find yourself thinking too much, he just said don’t do it."

Roy said he'll probably go up against assistant coach Monty Williams a few hours before the game to decide if the hamstring is ready for the rigors of game speed. Roy hasn't played "live" since aggravating the hammy against Toronto, so there's still a level of uncertainty as to how it will respond between the lines.

If this was a one game playoff, Roy would almost certainly go, but with the meat of the schedule coming up, including tough games against the Lakers and Pistons, Roy and the team have to be careful not to waste the rehabilitation time already invested.

"I think I feel a lot better than I did yesterday," said Roy, "but what coach was saying is like, we're taking these days off now, we don’t want to put you back out there and do it again. It’s a fine line. He doesn’t want me to strain this thing again. He wants me to be smart and cautious with it."

When asked if the opponent made a difference regarding his decision, with the implication being that a game at home versus the Hornets would be a better opportunity for a victory than an away game against the Lakers, Roy hedged.

"They’re both good games! We need them both. Even going into the Boston game it was like ‘Boston, New Orleans, dang those are tough games!’ You don’t want to choose but it’s like you need New Orleans just as bad at home. Lakers are going to be tough on the road. We feel like this is one we really want to get."


ragermack said...

Epecially after the way the team stepped up against Boston, Don't risk reinjury now.

Is there any news on Martell's return yet? Again we need to wait until it can be a long term return to playing.

Silent said...

Heck! even with your sidelined game against Boston, I was amazed with the game so give it another try and rest it out and have it kickin' and killin' for the game with the Lakers on Sunday; since the Blazers proved it with Boston, give'em another chance to prove it again, once bitten, twice shy.