Thursday, December 25, 2008

Vote Rudy for Slam Dunk Contest

I know you're all doing your best when it comes to All-Star voting, walking up bright and early every day to vote for Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge and Greg Oden. Your efforts are appreciated. The most recent count has Brandon Roy at 174,244 votes (9th among Western Conference guards), LaMarcus Aldridge at 145,857 votes (11th among Western Conference forwards) and Greg Oden at 144,650 votes (5th among Western Conference centers). Keep fighting the good fight.

But now there's another All-Star vote on your plate, one we stand a great chance of winning. For the first time ever, the fans will get to vote for one of three rookies to join Dwight Howard, Nate Robinson and Rudy Gay in the Slam Dunk Competition. Rudy Fernandez is one of those rookies. He only needs to beat out Russell Westbrook and Joe Alexander to get a trip to the Phoenix for the contest, and with the way Rudy throws down and the entire country of Spain on his side, I like his chances.

Rudy wants your vote, and he was smart enough to make part of his plea in his native tongue. Portland fans have been clamoring for an entrant in the Slam Dunk Contest for some time now, so don't let this opportunity pass.

Vote for Rudy here. Vota para Rudy.


Simon said...

I'm glad everyone's getting the word out so quickly!!


Simon said...

U should throw this Link up. It's Rudy SLAMING over Dwight Howard with the foul!!

Anonymous said...

I can see voting for Rudy for the slam dunk for sure, and clearly Brandon as an All Star - regardless what fans elsewhere think.

But LaMarcus as an All Star? Not yet, and Greg - not unless we can vote for Joel first!

LaMarcus has All Star potential, and might get there in a year or two. Greg we hope does, too - but based on this year it's too soon to tell.

outlaw said...

We beat Boston baby!!!