Tuesday, December 25, 2007

What to wear on a Christmas day

Two and a half hours until tipoff against the Sonics here at the Rose Garden. The ESPN crew is already working feverishly to get things ready for the national broadcast. And the Blazers may or may not be deciding what to wear.

It goes like this. Being that it's Christmas, the Sonics were going to wear their green home jerseys and the Blazers were going to wear their rarely-used red jerseys. Festive, no?

But the Blazers have gone on a 10-game win streak since that idea was conceived, so they're now faced with the question of whether or not to tempt fate and endanger the streak by switching home jerseys. It's a conundrum.

Mike Barrett thinks Nate McMillan's superstitious nature will keep the red unis in the locker room. But I've been told that they are in fact going to wear the reds, and that all but two Blazers will also be wearing red shoes (LaMarcus Aldridge and Steve Blake being the exceptions).

Is it a good idea to change course in the middle of a streak? Is the teams will to win stronger than a jersey color? We'll find out soon enough.

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