Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Kevin Durant never calls anymore

Last night's game probably didn't go as either Greg Oden or Kevin Durant hoped it would when ESPN scheduled the game way back when. A lot has obviously changed since the start of the season, including, according to Kevin Durant, Greg Oden's mass.

While Greg Oden playfully admonished Kevin Durant for not calling him on Christmas Eve when he arrived to town, the Sonics rookie couldn't help but to marvel at how much the Portland Trail Blazers' top pick had grown since their last meeting.

"Man, you've gotten big," Durant said when the two met in the Rose Garden hallways Tuesday.

Dressed in a ruby red blazer, dress shirt and blue jeans, it was easy to see how the 7-foot, 250-pound center has added weight during his seasonlong recovery from microfracture surgery on his right knee. The Blazers brass were concerned when Oden ballooned from 252 pounds to 282 several weeks ago and told him he doesn't need to add any more weight.

Everyone puts on a couple of pounds during the holiday season, everyone except for Kevin Durant, that is. Dude is still whisker-thin.


cfppdx said...

Any chance Greg takes up Pilates to offset the mass he has put on? I read the suggestion someplace else and I sure hope he does!

cfppdx said...

Any chance Greg takes up Pilates? I read something about this somewhere else and it sure would make sense. Keep him flexible.