Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fans not Jazz'ed

This week,'s Power Rankings listed the Trail Blazers at No. 14. Not too shabby considering Nate McMillan's young squad sat at No. 19 the week before. But for some of you out there, being ranked in the upper half of the league simply isn't enough, at least if the Utah Jazz are further up the list. From the mailbag of's John Shuhumann:

Jason - Beaverton, Ore.: Sorry, but as much love as your showing Portland this week, you missed a big one -- Portland beat Utah TWICE this week, one on the Jazz stingy home court. And they were not close games!

Portland IS better than the Jazz (this week!). No excuse for this glaring mistake. Period. Nuff Said. Move em up over the Jazz.

JS: As a member of the basketball media, I'm not sure I'm allowed to admit that I made a mistake, but I'm going to do it here. You are right. The Blazers should have been ahead of the Jazz. The good thing is, I can fix it next Monday.

Getting any member of the media to admit they were wrong is a serious achievement. Congratulations to Jason from Beaverton for representing the Blazer faithful.


Scott Heacock said...

Looks like EARLY PAROLE for the new Kids in the Rose Garden.
I might even Buy a ticket.

Rickster1 said...

Casey, Im happy to see you are still blogging. Your humor is hillarious. Also, great work on improving the Blazer home page.

BlazerRed said...

I watched the Denver/Houston game last night and heard Charles Barkley say that Brandon Roy had better be up at the top of the All-Stars list! Roy was given a lot of kudos as their player of the week. How much fun is that!!?

NateDogg said...

You know how little kids can't sleep the night before christmas.... that's me at work today before tonight's game against Denver. But instead of an Official Red Rider Carbon-action two-hundred-shot Range Model Air Rifle I want a 10th straight win!

Casey, great to see you blogging for The Zer's, you the man!