Monday, December 31, 2007

Double your pleasure, double your dunks

What a fourth quarter last night. The Sixers scored nine points in the fourth, which ties the Blazers' record for opponent points in a fourth quarter. What's more, by outscoring the Sixers 35-9 in the fourth, the Blazers set a new franchise record for point differential (26) in a fourth quarter. The biggest point differential by the Blazers in any quarter is 31, set back in 1990 in the first quarter of a game against the Spurs. Go out and dazzle your friends with that fact (which I got from PR superstar Collin Romer).

Now onto the highlights, of which the fourth quarter provided many. The play of the night came on a ferocious Travis Outlaw dunk over Rodney Carney. The best Blazer dunk of the year? Watch it again here and make your own decision.

While Outlaw's dunk was the play of the night according to, Brandon Roy's fastbreak dunk over Sam Dalembert was named dunk of the night. Check it out again here.

I've got my own opinion, but I'd like to hear which dunk you thought was more impressive. For sheer power, you'd probably give the nod to Outlaw. But then again, Roy's finish was over the No. 2 shot blocker in the league with his off-hand. That's a fair degree of technical difficulty.


Chris Snethen said...

For me the play of the night was the forearm Outlaw delivered immediately after the dunk. Six weeks ago we wondered if the team was too soft. I don't think we can wonder anymore.

Colin said...

That was a great game last night. I loved the new drum section, the only problem was that it needed to be 5 times bigger (only 6 right now). Pass it on to Kevin for me. Thanks ;)