Friday, December 21, 2007

Reality at the Rose Garden's Ian Thomsen lists four NBA reality show proposals in his Weekly Countdown column, and Thomsen thinks the Blazers season would make for good watching:

4. The Up-With-People Trail Blazers. A feel-good story of young players and their uncompromising coach trying to make them into winners. How many times have we seen this genre (An Officer and a Gentleman, Remember the Titans, The Karate Kid)? But the fans in Portland have lost all cynicism while watching this team win nine in a row without Greg Oden (and LaMarcus Aldridge missed five games during the streak with a heel injury).

It was a foot injury, but whatever.

The show continues tonight at the Rose Garden with the Blazers trying to extend the win streak to ten games. The Nuggets, who beat the Rockets 112-111 in double overtime last night, are sure to be out for blood after getting run out of their own gym just 6 days ago by the Red and Black.

It's going to be a sellout (if it already isn't) so if you want to be on hand, you better get to work on finding a seat.


Kevin said...

Casey - glad to see you up and rolling, good luck on the new job.

I think Mod misses you, C-Ho.

Your friend,


Chaz Fresh said...

Casey- I read your blog like crazy on oregonlive, and am stoked you are continuing with the Blazers. One suggestion, however-- the text size is tiny, and very hard to read with the black and white. Anything you can do about that?