Friday, December 28, 2007

Brandon Roy on TNT

If you missed Cheryl Miller's interview with Brandon Roy from last night's Inside the NBA, you can watch it online here. The segment is about a third of the way through the 28 minute clip.

If you're not one of those visual learners, Jason Quick was kind enough to transcribe the entire interview, which he put in his blog. He must have stayed up well past midnight doing that.


blzrfn1 said...

Thanks Casey.

mrblazer said...

Welcome aboard the blazer payroll, Casey. I'm happy for you, but also envious. They through up some fancy sounding duties when describing your new job, but i wasn't buying any of it.

You probably have the same level of high-stress demanding work that you had over at You know...the high-rise window jumping kind of stress associated with having to do blazer chats in a hotel room with Quick and Dave while having a few too many? And those blogging assignments during the games! The horror!

Have fun, Casey. I know i would. Like i said, i'm happy for you. You did a good job at oregonlive, and with you never letting those lips be a color other than brown, you were a no-brainer for this. Well done.

BTW, what is the deal with getting very little comments? Oh, and i hope you interact a little more than you did toward the end at

mrblazer said...

BTW, Casey, the process to leave a comment on here is a drag. I can see why no one is doing it. It wouldn't be that bad if it worked the way it is set up to.

Ed said...

Sports are fun with a fan for a wife
She yells at the team to show some life
The refs are blind and should choak on their whistle
We love our home team and want the visitors to fizzle

Let’s take a break and smoke on the deck
Stop and get some beer, what the heck
The fourth quarter has started, Outlaw is on the loose
The visiting team is scared and calling for a truce