Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Roy Looking For More Effort

By Max Mandel, trailblazers.com

With expanded rotations and minutes being distributed unevenly, it can be very difficult for guys to find a rhythm and consistency during the preseason. However, the preseason can used be to create a mentality and confidence that can carry over into the regular season. For Brandon Roy, the hope is for a winning mentality to emerge as the regular season creeps closer.

“My approach earlier was kind of to let guys feel their way and to try and play off guys a little more,” Roy said. “Now it’s changing to being a little more aggressive because the season is getting a little closer. Guys have to see how I play so they will learn how to help me out on the court."

While the preseason can lead to some frustrating performances on the offensive end, Roy expects the Blazers to still play with great effort, which will be needed when the regular season starts.

“I think the important thing is to go extremely hard when you are out there,” Brandon explained. “The worst thing you can do is coast. When you coast like we did during the first three games, the chemistry looks bad and it looks like the guys aren’t in rhythm. So I think it’s important that we go hard the moment we step out on the floor, so that way guys say even if it’s 25 minutes(of playing time), it’s 25 minutes where I can go hard and try to build on something. I think we are ready to do that tomorrow and for the next game.”

It’s clear that even though these are preseason games, the effort level and intensity must increase and improve in order to be successful.

“I want to see guys step up and play these games like they count. I thought that during the first three games, we have been kind of feeling the other team out and coasting. I just want to see our effort step up, and see guys go out there and play extremely hard and play these games to win, even if you don’t play in the 4th quarter. Hopefully we can start to do that tomorrow.”


hg said...

Great job Casey:

There is no time like the present to start improving the game. I am glad BRoy is leading the charge by example


aneebaba said...

Great to hear this from our leader. Yeah, we need to be "with it" when the seasons starts so we have a strong first push and then find our groove from there. How is it possible to love this guy any more than we already do? I know its early, but #7 is surely going to be up in the rafters of the RG someday.

Brian said...

Heck ya!!! I will be at the game on Thursday in Utah wearing all my Blazer gear. GO BLAZERS!!!!!!!