Thursday, October 22, 2009

10.22.09 Podcast

There's been a ton of reported news regarding the Trail Blazers over the last few days, though nothing has gone official. So while Gavin Dawson of 95.5 The Game and Dave Deckard of speak on LaMarcus Aldridge and Patty Mills with an air of definitiveness, I, Casey Holdahl of, tread a bit more lightly. Dance blogger, dance!

Also in this podcast: chemistry issues, Gavin and I argue about whether a trade needs to be made, a brief conversation on live streaming, predictions on the first week of the season and whether I can watch college football and play poker at the same time. Count you're money while you listen.

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aneebaba said...

Thanks for the great 'cast guys. Like Dave, I'm sick of the preseason, looking forward to real 'ball.

Terrym9 said...

I am glad they cut udoka, just because they do not have the minutes, and I believe that Nate would find himself playing him too much, I prefer any extra minutes going to Bayless. I cant believe you guys start talking trade because of all the talent and not enough minutes and then come back with the idea that the 15th man on the roster should be kept because he could be a contributer. Mills adds speed, but its in the future

hg said...

Good show guys.
Of course this is the day after the game at Vancouver, so I can be smart.
The starting five last night was fantastic. All five starters contributed in big time.
It has been said all summer long that Andre can and will make everybody better. There is one thing that seems to be over looked listening to Antonio, Greg will make everybody better by just staying on the court. He draws a big crowd wherever he goes. It takes two players to box him out from getting rebounds on both ends of the court freeing up other players for uncontested dunks, short jumpers or uncontested rebounds for fast outlets.
Batuum is one that will really benefit from this. It will make him the silent assassin. Other then his fantastic D, Dunks, rebounds and free throws will be his biggest asset.
Because of Greg BRoy has more room to operate because even without being a shooting threat (which he is) his man and at least one other has to stay with him.
LMA will get the most out of Greg. No double teams to worry about, he can play high low post with Greg, get more rebounds because his man is usually boxing out Greg since LMA is not noted for his rebounds.
Steve will have one more target to pass to which will make him less predictable.

Greg can be a recipient of many passes and dunks, or foul shots. Therefore Greg will benefit from being in the game.
All this is just playing off Greg. BRoy offers almost the same thing. He draws attention also, and the drama starts all over again.
The second unit of Andre, Rudy (when he comes back), Martell and Joel, can and will be just as deadly.
Everybody is worried about Andre not accepting his for now roll. First he has no choice. Second, he would rather play on the second unit then sit on the bench. Three, he would probably be happier being the star of the second unit with Rudy then playing the fifth man on the totem pole in shooting priorities.
If and when The Blazers stream Comcast games, will I have to be a Comcast subscriber in order to get their broadcast? A poster said that is the way it is going to be done back east.
Being a Dish subscriber is the poops, I live out in the country and have no other was of getting TV. I am blocked when using NBA package so if streaming is available for me then I will surely use it. I know it is not the answer, but it might help reduce the strangle hold Comcast has on us. OK, I won’t bitch about Comcast but you three brought it up in your podcast.
The Blazers will win their first four.