Saturday, August 23, 2008

Trail Blazers medal count

Team USA (including our very own Nate McMillan) takes on Team Spain (including our soon-to-be very own Rudy Fernandez) tonight (or tomorrow?) in the gold medal game. The USA Basketball site says the game is on at 2:30 a.m. Eastern, which is 11:30 p.m. Pacific, but there's no telling whether the fine, fine folks at NBC will be tape-delaying it for us West Coasters. You're either staying up late or getting up early if you want to see the premier event of the Olympic games. Once every four years folks.

I know at this point you're saying to yourself, "But Casey, I don't care when the game is on. I've got a DVR! What I want to know is how many former Trail Blazers have Olympic medals?"

Funny you should ask! Thanks to Kyle "The Nibbler" Nibblett, a recent graduate of the Trail Blazers summer internship program, we now know the answer. Fourteen former Blazers have collected 20 total medals. Check out the breakdown.


Terry Dischinger, 1960
Darrall Imhoff, 1960
Walter Davis, 1976
Kenny Carr, 1976
Arvydas Sabonis, 1980 (USSR)
Arvydas Sabonis, 1988 (USSR)
Clyde Drexler, 1992
Scottie Pippen, 1992
Scottie Pippen, 1996
Shareef Abdur-Raheem, 2000
Steve Smith, 2000


Jim Brewer, 1972
Drazen Petrovic, 1984 (Yugoslavia)
Drazen Petrovic, 1988 (Yugoslavia)
Drazen Petrovic, 1992 (Croatia)
Aleksandar Djordjevic, 1996 (Yugoslavia)


Fernando Martin, 1984 (Spain)
Stacey Augmon, 1988
Arvydas Sabonis, 1992 (Lithuania)
Arvydas Sabonis, 1996 (Lithuania)


Arvydas Sabonis 4
Drazen Petrovic 3
Scottie Pippen 2
Terry Dischinger 1
Darrall Imhoff 1
Walter Davis 1
Kenny Carr 1
Clyde Drexler 1
Shareef Abdur-Raheem 1
Steve Smith 1
Jim Brewer 1
Aleksandar Djordjevic 1
Fernando Martin 1
Stacy Augmon 1

Total Medals 20

So there you go. With Rudy guaranteed no worse than a silver, we'll soon have 21. Hopefully we'll be able to watch that happen.


Anonymous said...

the game is going to be live in the pacific time zone also.

Ian said...

Um, won't we have 22? Do the coaches not get medals in the Olympics? If they do, then Nate will have either a Gold or Silver which means we add 2 this year.

Will Wiens said...

No coaches do not get medals.

Jordi said...

Fernando Martin got one silver, losing final againts USA. I'm afraind history will repit for us.

mike said...

if coaches count it :D would be 22. A gauranteed gold or silver... oh wells, would it be live CSN (i just got it today)? or NBC?..

agni said...