Thursday, August 21, 2008

08.21.08 Edition of the Podcast

The news of Brandon Roy's arthroscopic surgery not only stopped your hearts, it also postponed our weekly podcast. But we're back with it a day late, though hopefully not a dollar short. Gavin Dawson of 95.5 The Game, Dave Deckard of Blazer's Edge and myself, Casey Holdahl, of discuss Brandon Roy's meniscus, Steve Blake's toughness, Rudy Fernandez's defense and the tough road facing the training camp invitees. Listen and learn.

Download the podcast (19.6 MB).


roosterray said...

The podcast isn't necessary - did anyone see the block by Rudy against Lithuania with 7:21 left in the 3rd quarter. It was a bogus foul call. Did you see his head hit the backboard while blocking the shot on a flat out run.. Can't wait to see this live

roosterray said...

Or did you see the dunk with 4:41driving to the hoop. Rudy can really fly. More then Ginobli I believe.

The more I watch this lithuania spain game. the better rudy I think will be. The guards for spain don't see the court well at all. and the Gasol posts are getting easy dunks, but neither can pass well.

I notice Calderon isn't playing much - he did not impress me like bayless has so far.

All rudy did was score 18 in 26 minutes.

When Rudy is on the floor I notice he drifts in the corner alot. I also observe that He never gets left for wide open 3 pts. Always takes a defender with him. This is what James Jones did for us and will make it easy for Oden and Aldridge. If Webster can step up a notch. I think we are on par for 45-50 this year as we develop. Rudy will be tired early in the year, but coming of the bench will give him time.

Besides WE HAVE A GREAT TEAM that just needs to learn to play together. That is the only thing holding us back.



In this podcast there was a reference to Steve Blake and whether he is worth $4 million a year to be a backup but I don't see Rudy or Bayless starting the season in the starting lineup.I would like to see the Blazers sign Shaun Livingston maybe for the bi-annual exception which is roughly $2million a year.I know he is recovering from a major injury but he is a huge talent and is still only 22 years old.And he is 6 foot 7 which would draw bigger defenders leaving space for Oden and Aldridge.He also has terrific vision.I like Steve Blake but I think Livoingston would be an upgrade and maybe we could get a player/pick in return for Blake.

Illuminate said...

Dude, Casey, I am so stoked about Rudy right now. But anyway, a few things about the podcast...

First--maybe you've looked into this and can't figure it out, but all trailblazer podcasts are still messed up when you download them onto iPod. They show as like three or four times longer than they really are (ie a 45 minute podcast shows as 2 or 3 hours). Everything works fine if you just start the podcast and listen straight through, but if you pause, rewind, or fast forward, you lose your place and the numbers become bogus and you can NEVER find your place. A minor annoyance, but thought I'd see if you've got the techies working on it.

Second--Your podcast is considerably quieter than most podcasts. I max you out on my iPod and still have a hard time hearing you guys. You are a bit quieter than Gavin or Dave, but nevertheless, all three of you are pretty hard to hear, even with my iPod maxed...while other podcasts come in fine with maybe 60% volume. I'm guessing most people would rather have the podcast too loud than too soft, as we can always turn you down, but once we hit max volume, we can't really turn you up any more.

Other than these two minor things, love the podcast and blog...dude you have the coolest job ever. I thoroughly enjoy all the stuff that people like you, Dave, Mike Barrett, etc. do.

Thanks a ton,
--Josh, aka "prezofdeath"