Monday, August 18, 2008

Coach McMillan, meet Michael Phelps

I had a chance to interview Nate McMillan over the phone last week before Team USA's game against Greece (you can read that interview here). During the discussion Coach McMillan noted that while the players on the "Redeem Team" field constant requests for pictures and autographs, the coaches, himself included, weren't asked nearly as often.

But if the picture above is any indication, maybe Nate was being a little modest. Michael Phelps, the record-breaking, gold medal-hogging swimmer from Baltimore who, by some accounts, is the "greatest Olympian of all time," poses with Nate after Team USA thumped Germany 106-57 in the last game of group play. That's a whole lot of American domination in one building.


Will said...

Something tells me that Nate was the one looking for a photo with Phelps.

Kel said...

lol, exactly will.