Friday, August 8, 2008

08.07.08 Edition of Trail Blazers Courtside

Here's the latest edition of Trail Blazers Courtside with Mike Barrett and Mike Rice. It's a one hour show (as it will be for the next few weeks), so there's only one guest, Assistant General Manager Tom Penn.

Download the podcast (39.8 MB).

You'll notice that the podcast comes in at a rather hefty 39.8 MB. ITunes users had been complaining about the times on the podcasts being inaccurate, so I tried something different this week, which made the size about double of what it usually is. So let me know if the problem is corrected this week, and if not, please let me know what problems you're having.


BRoyFTW said...

Good work Casey. I saw Channing Frye and Steven Hill at the movies yesterday. I'm starting to wonder if the Blazers might sign him.

Colin said...

Hey Casey, I was reading a recap of spain vs. greece on hardwood paroxysm and ran across this quote. I had a good laugh and thought I would pass it along:

"Rudy Fernandez has range, too. Seriously. If you're a serious NBA fan of any team but Portland, and you see Kevin Pritchard? You need to kick him in the nuts and try and steal a hair follicle to try and clone him."

Good stuff.