Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nothing but love for Nate

Basketball in Beijing gets serious tomorrow, with Team USA taking on the Australians in the quarterfinals. You're smarter than I if you can say with 100% certainty when and on what channel we'll be able to watch USA vs. Australia, but I think it's 8 a.m. (which would be tape delayed three hours) on USA. At least that's what USA Basketball says.

KGW, which as far as I can tell is the only local station that sent a crew to Beijing, asked some of the members of Team USA for their opinions of Nate McMillan. Bring on the praise Redeem Team.

Kobe Bryant: “He’s one of the best coaches I’ve seen. He’s no nonsense. He’s straight to the point. He’s a defensive minded coach. I think the fans up in Portland should feel very confident about the team they have up there, because they have a coach who’s not going to let them slip. And they’re going to be dangerous.”

Jason Kidd: “Nate’s strength when he played was defense. And this team definitely has his characteristics of playing defense and having fun playing defense.”

LeBron James: “The Trail Blazers definitely have a great coach in Nate, and they have a very good team, and Nate is a catalyst for it. I’m happy I’m able to play this whole summer with him.”

Kobe, the most eloquent of the three, easily gives the best soundbite. I wonder if he actually thinks the Trail Blazers are going to be "dangerous," or if he's just being nice.


Pigpen said...

I watched Kobe get an offensive foul against Rudy F, picked him up, "GoodPlay" and slapped him on the back. Kobe knows what the future is, and knows were the cap room lies.

Sophia said...

If Kevin Pritchard gets Kobe Bryant w/ 2009 "cap space" I will not be a Blazer fan. It isn't going to happen either. The cake is currently baking, and when the timer rings and KP lets it out to cool off he is gonna add frosting. Kobe Bryant is NOT a "frosting"type player and we cannot afford to add more dough when the eggs, flour and water have already been mixed together.

I think Kobe is just saying the right thing. He knows what we want to hear.

Thanks for the info.


Casey Holdahl said...

I doubt you'll have to worry about giving turning in your Trail Blazers superfan membership any time soon vis-a-vi Kobe.

Long time, no comment. Spending too much time stirring it up at BE, I presume.

Sophia said...

I always, ALMOST comment here then feel like Im monopolizing the Blazer blogs.

One random questions: do you think Nike would be so low as to "force" BronBron and Kobe to be BFF and have all these photo ops? Or do you really think they hold eachother in the highest esteem? (gag!) I just cant believe that those two egos can fit in the same room... or arena for that matter.

Im joking, but not really.