Thursday, May 1, 2008

We're almost good at everything

Flipping through the sortable team shooting stats at, I came the realization that the Trail Blazers were a decent offensive team this season.

The Blazers finished the season shooting 41% on two point jump shots, seventh in the NBA. They scored 34.6 points per game on two point jump shots, which was third in the NBA. Both solid stats.

The news is almost as good behind the three point line. The Blazers, at 38%, finished tied for sixth in the NBA in three point shooting percentage. They finished just about in the middle of the pack in points per game off of three point shots with 19.7.

Those are all better than average statistics, so why did we end up 27th in the league in scoring? My guess would be that we're terrible at what lists as "inside shots," which I'm assuming are all non-jump shot baskets made near the hoop. As a matter of fact, we're the worst, as in dead last in the league with 23.9 points per game. In contrast, Golden State lead the league with 42.6 points per game on inside shots. That's fastbreak points and easy buckets, two of the important facets of offense in the NBA. Other teams get 'em, we don't. Our lack of inside scoring also contributes to having the sixth-fewest number of and1 fouls in the league.


Bryan said...

Inside shots problem, meet Oden. 2008/09

Casey Holdahl said...

I didn't want to put too much pressure on the big guy, but that's what I was thinking bryan.

Sophia said...

Doesnt he hate to be called "the big guy" ? just kidding, yeah at the very least he'll attract some def. attention making space for Roy and the other "big guy" to get sum easy buckets...

G Vázquez said...

Hi, Casey. I have a question many people asked for.

Next year, will be Oden considered rookie? Will be tecnhically a “rookie” and can he win ROY? Do you know the NBA Rules about this point?

Thank you very much and I apologyze for any inconveniences and, of course, my english.

PS: Today DKV Joventut won CB Granada 118-68. And again, Rudy won the MVP of the ACB Spanish League 33 day, penultimate of the season. He's simply amazing. Rudy and Marc Gasol (Pau's brother) are the only two candidates for MVP of the season.

Phil said...

Aldridge had a much bigger presence in the second half of the season when it came to being close to the hoop. I was curious on why Pryzbilla didn't get involved more in the offense, outside of picks and passing. His free throw percentage was getting pretty nice, and his field goal percentage wasn't too bad either.

jacob said...

We were 27th in scoring because we were 29th in pace. In terms of points per possession, we were right around the middle.

Casey Holdahl said...

Great comments. Here are my answers:

sophia: I do believe that Greg dislikes being called "big guy" but he's in Hawaii, so what is he going to do about it?

g vazquez: Greg will be considered a rookie next year, and hence, he will be eligible to win ROY. Until you actually play in an NBA game, you're a rookie, which is why a guy like Arvydas Sabonis was in the running for ROY despite being in his 30s.

phil: Not entirely sure why Joel wasn't a bigger part of the offense, but my guess is that he doesn't mind. Joel always looks a little uncomfortable when someone fires the ball at him in the post.

jacob: Are you basing "pace" on shot attempts? Is there some sort of stat you can direct me to? I believe your assertion is correct, but I'd like to learn a bit more.

Ryan said...


Pace Factor (available since the 1973-74 season in the NBA); the formula is 48 * ((Tm Poss + Opp Poss) / (2 * (Tm MP / 5))). Pace factor is an estimate of the number of possessions per 48 minutes by a team.

It's a statistic often cited by Hollinger, Stein and other stat geeks. It helps explain why Denver's defense isn't as bad as their numbers look (they, like the Suns have one of the highest Pace ratings in the league, which means more opportunities for the opponents to score).

But having a low pace does not mean that your team is bad, in fact San Antonio, Detroit and Boston all ranked in the bottom 3rd for Pace this year.

jacob said...

What Ryan said.

Pace factor is just a measure of the number of possessions in a game.

Offensive efficiency is best measured as points per possession, not points per game (this controls for teams like Denver that score a lot because they play fast, but aren't particularly efficient- lots of bad shots).

Hollinger's team stats show us at 15th in points per possession and 29th in pace factor.

TheStromBomb said...


Love the updates. I know this isn't your area, but with the new FM radio station, does that mean Wheels and Tone will move over there next season? plus, where will courtside be from here on out? 750AM of on the new Fm. Thanks Dustin

Casey Holdahl said...

Thanks for the head's up on the pace stats. I remember Hollinger making the case for Denver's defense using pace. I doubt he would make that argument after watching the Laker/Nuggets series.

Duast aka Strombomb: Yea, Wheels and Tone will move over to the FM station next year, meaning you'll get to hear games in stereo, which is kind of cool. Trail Blazers Courtside, which airs every week through the offseason, will also be on 95.5 as soon as the switch occurs.

G Vázquez said...

Ok, Casey. Thank you very much.
This weekend it plays The Euroleague Final Four, in Madrid (Spain).
The aggressive and defensive Maccabi Tel Aviv won his first semifinal (95-82) against italian Montepaschi Siena. Marcus Fizer (Maccabi) didn’t play. He’s injured.
CSKA Moscow won the second against spanish TAU Vitoria (79-83). It’s the fourth consecutive loss of TAU Vitoria in four consecutive appearances in F4. A solid team based on great trades and adquisitions: Luis Scola played there, Andrés Nocioni, José Calderón, Jorge Garbajosa… and now Zoran Planinic, James Singleton and brazilian Tiago Splitter (drafted by the Spurs last year).
Great baskeball, believe me.
Here, in Spain, people question about Sergio Rodriguez. Blake, Jack, Sergio… What about Blazers starter point guard in 2008-09? For me this team has an incredible potential. Youth, quickness, chemistry, Roy… Sergio, with a little bit defensive improvement, has the perfect qualities for this model.