Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Trail Blazers Podcast: Talking with Chad Buchanan

I've wanted to get back into podcasting for a while now, and the opportunity has finally presented itself. 95.5 The Game's Gavin Dawson joined me in the Rose Garden studios for an interview with Chad Buchanan, the Blazers' Director of College Scouting. We talked about the history of the 13th pick, how scouting changes when you know which pick you have and the importance of building a book on potential draftees. I also quizzed him on the strengths and and weakness of players who might be available when the 13th pick rolls around. Give it a listen.

You can also download the podcast here.

We're going to be doing one of these every Wednesday, so be on the lookout for another podcast last week. Along with Gavin, Dave from Blazer's Edge is going to be joining us to talk Blazers through the offseason and beyond. If you've got any suggestions, comments or questions you want answered, send those to

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Anonymous said...

Great show! Lots of good debate, and I loved Gavin retracting his Outlaw negativity!

Great job bringing in Dave, he is a huge benefit to Blazer fandom, and will be great on the show.