Tuesday, May 20, 2008

One number short

Just got off of a conference call with Team President Larry Miller and General Manager Kevin Pritchard. Both were obviously hoping to move up, but neither was too upset about not getting the first, second or third pick.

But this little tidbit might make you wonder "what if?" According to Pritchard, the first three numbers out of the hopper for the first pick were 11, 9 and 13. The kicker? Those were the first three numbers of one of the Blazers' six possible sequences. If the hopper kicked out a 12 for the last number, the Blazers would have won the first pick in the 2008 NBA Draft.

Seven came up, giving the pick to the Chicago Bulls.

One ball away. Just one. That's going to keep me up tonight.


Harald said...

Just one ball, but many different numbers/combinations for this ball. The Bulls got lucky this year. Congrats.

Sophia said...


KP n' staff wont let us down. Next time you cant sleep just watch some Rudy highlights on YouTube. That should ease your mind. LOL

I also recommend some warm milk and a heavy blanket to cuddle up with :)

Anyway back to the blazers. It would have been cool to get the first pick, but not really. We have so many pieces already, although think of the marketing you all could do w/ Derek Rose in the Rose city!