Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Here's hoping Larry Miller is lucky

The 2008 NBA Draft Lottery goes down on May 20 at the fabulous league headquarters in bucolic Secaucus, New Jersey. The hopes and dreams of 14 franchises will be fulfilled, crushed or something in between. Odds, most likely, will be bucked.

Last year, Brandon Roy represented the Trail Blazers when whatever entity that rules the universe decided to cut Portland a break by bestowing upon us the first pick. This year, Trail Blazers Team President Larry Miller has the honor of traveling to Secaucus on the team's behalf in hopes of striking it rich for the second time in two seasons. The odds of the Blazers getting the first pick are significantly worse this time around, but Larry strikes me as a lucky guy, so hopefully lightning will strike twice. Not literally of course.

Hopefully this will be the last time we'll be in the lottery for some time (that's a guarantee if we could someone get No. 1 this year), so Mr. Miller better make this one count.


scottps1 said...

What usually happens when "lighting" strikes twice? Hehe. I hate it when spell checker doesn't know what I mean

BlazerRed said...

I find I'm generally a lot happier when I set my expectations lower for these things and for the upcoming season. We'll be a tougher team next season, but GO is going to be a rookie so expect him to be schooled by the vets. I see us as being fun to watch but still inconsistent in the win column...similar to this year.

Colin said...

I plan on holding my breath for the first two rounds.






If they get past those two rounds, I am seriously going to explode.