Monday, March 23, 2009

Video: Oden, Roy Postgame

In this edition of postgame video, both Greg Oden and Brandon Roy answer a lot of questions about the officiating. Aside from that, Oden notes that he doesn't care for overtime games and Roy talks about all players being tired in the stretch run of the season.

On a semi-related note, the public is invited to the Oregon Humane Society (1067 NE Columbia Blvd.) to meet Joel Przybilla, Steve Blake and the starting lineup of Team OHS. Trail Blazers TV broadcasters Mike Barrett and Rebecca Haarlow will be on hand to announce the starting lineup of furry four-legged friends, including Oden, a big, loveable Labrador mix who is sure to be a hit with fans. Every dog, cat and rabbit named after a Blazer player comes with a special signing bonus: a gift bag of Blazer and OHS goodies to sweeten the adoption deal.


corybauer said...

Good comments. This game doesn't hurt as bad in the standings as I thought it would. We are still very much in the race for home court advantage, so long as we don't lose anymore home games the rest of the season.

Casey Holdahl said...

Exactly. If Denver would have won, last night's loss would have been devastating to our NW Division aspirations.

Even so, we really need to take care of business during this homestand, especially Thursday against Phoenix.