Thursday, March 26, 2009

03.26.09 Podcast

To go along with tonight's big game against the Suns, we've recorded an equally big podcast for your enjoyment. Gavin Dawson of 95.5 The Game, Dave Deckard of Blazer's Edge and myself, Casey Holdahl, of talk shop for the better part of 42 MB's.

This week we discuss the "red out," which team has more at stake tonight at the Rose Garden, Greg Oden rising, Nicolas Batum's bum ankle, the future of the small forward position, our preferred playoff (knock on wood) matchups and much more. Shaq is probably tweeting about it from his hotel room right ... now.

Download the podcast (42.8 MB)

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hg said...

I love the Podcast:

There was to much coverage to comment on all of it. Also, this is after the Phoenix game.

IMO, for small forward, we should stay with Batman and Martell. Who starts doesn't really matter. Except for vanity and who they better fit with. I think Martell would be better in the second unit because we need his fire power. Also, at different times at the 2 and in at crunch time for hitting threes.

Travis should be the backup for power forward and at times at the three.

Charles Barkley said we were going to have to figure out what to do with Oden, because he was never going to be an impact player on offence. I disagree, but to early to tell. Joel doesn't demand much playing time and at the time neither does Greg, therefore, no decisions need to be made at this time. But, I would like to run this by you three, what if we brought Joe Freeland over to take Raef’s place for the 3rd center because of possible Injuries to Joel and Oden. They get beat up a lot, and not just Greg, Joel has a history of injuries also.

That pretty much leaves Frye out, but I think we should trade him anyway so he could get more playing time for his sake. Although, I would like to keep him around forever.

We still need some help at point, whether to wait for Sergio and Jerryd to develop or trade for experience would be the question.

On the play-off's, we need not get greedy. We have pretty well accomplished our goal after that win last night. Phoenix has to play Utah in Utah Saturday. You know Utah will be out for revenge. IMO, Utah will take that game and if we play up to our potential we should beat Memphis. I know, it is not an automatic, but Portland has not given me any reason to doubt them so I will nod in their favor. Anyway, that would put the magic number down to four.

This is just my take on some of these matters.