Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Video: McMillan, Roy discuss the foul on Rudy

As you might expect, the Trevor Ariza's flagrant foul on Rudy Fernandez was all the talk at practice today in Tualatin. I don't think I recall a single question asked about anything else.

First up, Nate McMillan. The look on his face when told that Ariza wouldn't receive a suspension says more than his "no comment" comment.

Then there's Brandon Roy. Roy reiterated that it was Ariza's reaction, not the foul itself, that concerned him. He also stated another point that seems to be flying under the radar a bit: that pretty much ever game between the Lakers and Blazers ends up with some kind of skirmish.


Richard said...

This is just another example of how much of a joke the NBA is as a league. There's nothing fair about this league. If Batum had hit Kobe like this, he'd be out for the season. The NBA is a crock. I plan on writing my Senator, my Governor, and every government official in this state in order to maybe bring some light to the fact that the NBA only enforces the rules when they are convenient for them. I pray the US Senate actually takes a look at this league because it's a joke. An official gets in trouble for fixing games, nothing happens. That same official called another official almost EVERY time he gambled, that other official is still working in the league. The NBA is the most crooked sports league in the world. And until the Senate or someone with actual power gets involved, it's nothing more than WWE.

Anonymous said...

If Big Baby Davis's flagrant on Varejao and Perkin's flagrant on Maxiell don't result in suspensions, there's no reason that Nate should expect a suspension on Ariza.

As hard fouls go, Ariza's was bad, but not even close to the worse the NBA has seen.

And as for his reaction afterwards, it wasn't like Ariza jumped at Roy looking for a fight.

Anonymous said...

Ok Richard, if Batum had hit Kobe in the same manner, he would not be suspended. And before you go about saying that I am just making this up, find me an instance where someone has been suspended for a year for a similar sort of foul.

Blazers won. Odom is suspended for one game. Ariza was ejected and fined. Move on.

Carrie said...

Hats off to the Blazers and there sportmanship in protecting there team. You Blazers sure now how team work, work's. The Lakers did it on purpose there ego is to huge to allow another team to beat them especially the Blazerst by 30 plus points. They were desperate, therfore they had to play dirty and hurt some one in the act of there desperation. Rudy get better we miss you.

1LAKERFAN said...

I feel for Fernadez, its never good to see any player get hurt like that, but lets get it very clear. It was a hard foul and not a dirty one! as some have said. Ariza is not a dirty player and never has been one. Congrats to the Trail Blazers for the win and we'll see you in the playoff!!!