Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Video: McMillan, Pritchard from practice

A few interesting comments today from Nate McMillan and Kevin Pritchard. You'll definitely want to give the following video a watch.

McMillan talks about the differences between the Celtics (win) and Lakers (bad, bad loss) games, needing consistency and the possibility of making a change to the lineup while waiting for Brandon Roy to return.

Pritchard, who was swarmed by the media for obvious reasons, discusses the desire for "calm waters", not being aggressive on the trade front, how it's a good thing to have your name on the lips of other general managers and being open and honest with his players. He even asks himself rhetorical questions! Vintage KP.

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jwoo73 said...

Excellent comments by KP. I love how he shut the girl down on the "problem" question at the beginning. Sure, this team needs to grow (as he notes), but we should be pretty happy with where we are at so far with this team. Despite the addition of all of these rookies who are getting significant minutes, this team is performing at a very respectable level. And what are we to think when people complain about losses to elite teams while our elite player is sidelined? Either they are crazy or they recognize that this team is a contender on any night.

Patience people...there is time. Let the new guys acclimate themselves to the league. Let chemistry develop. Let players bodies heal and recover. Then lets seriously consider where we are and what we need to do.