Thursday, January 15, 2009

Talking With Travis: Idle Hours

(The following is the fourth of six posts based off of conversations with Travis Outlaw. Click to read the first and second and third posts)

By all accounts, Travis Outlaw is a great guy to hang out with. He’s Mr. Popular in the locker room, a darling in the eyes of the media (at least from a personality standpoint) and generally well received by everyone whom he comes into contact with. But according to Outlaw, that happy-go-lucky persona doesn’t care much for sitting around.

“I hate missing games,” said Outlaw. “I hate sitting out. I get irritated at home, just being at home. I need something to do.”

Whatever that something is, it has to be something that results in putting Outlaw to sleep, because a bright-eyed and bushy tailed Travis also happens to be a pestering troublemaker jerk sibling.

“If we practice I can go home and feel tired all day,” explains Outlaw. “If I don’t practice, I go home and I’m up for no reason. Walking around, starting fights with my brother. Something got to happen! Me just being at home don’t work.”

So bottom line: steer clear of Outlaw on off days, lest he follow you around picking fights. Don't think he won't.


Simon said...

slacking a little on this post don't you think? lol
i guess making an awesome podcast makes up for it.

Casey Holdahl said...

Yeah, this post is a little lean, but as one of my bosses once told me: "They can't all be gems."

Josh said...

It's good stuff Casey. Concisativity is the key to awesomitivity.

Tom said...

Maybe Travis should take up whittling as a hobby.