Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Video: Rudy, Oden Talk Rookie/Sophomore

Mroe video from today's shootaround. Right as practice was ending, the NBA announced that both Rudy Fernandez and Greg Oden had been selected to play in the T-Mobile Rookie Challenge & Youth Jam. No surpise really on either of those selections.

Below is video of what both Rudy and GO had to say about making the team (Rebecca Haarlow fans will be happy to know that she asked most of the questions). Should be a busy couple of days in Phoenix.


BlazerFANATIC said...

Casey, no trailblazer podcast this week?

Casey Holdahl said...

Unfortunatley not BlazerFANATIC. Technical difficulties. Total bummer.

BlazerFANATIC said...

Man, that sucks! At least I got my fix from the Quick Chat today. Do you know of any potential trades that we can make for a SF or PG from the East? Is Heinrik (sp) or Wallace in our sites?

marco said...

Man listening to Rebecca Haarlow interview is a pain...kind of like pulling teeth...Does she not realize that there's a reason she gets the most generic, canned responses every single time??

She's nice to look at but man you'd think that would only get you so far. There's plenty of female sideline reporters who aren't the best looking.