Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Photos, Video From Day Two Of Training Camp

We've finally got some moving pictures for you ravenous fans out there. Videographer Ron Quant put together a nifty little package with footage that you won't see anywhere else. Check it out, maybe a couple of times.

As for stills, I've got those for you as well. Below are some of the better pictures I took today at the practice facility, with the rest available in this photo gallery. Some action shots, some pics of guys lifting, a few closeups, and so forth. Be sure to subscribe to our Twitter feed to get first look at pictures from practice. And check out our Training Camp Central page, too. That's a lot of orders.

Onto the photos ...


hg said...

Wow casey you over did yourself this time. keep it coming.

I don't know how to do the twitter thing, but I don't need to be first.


BRoyFTW said...

Good video, a little short. But I guess it's better than nothing.

ryan said...

Great job with the pictures I love to see the guys back on the court.. I have a beef tho. I went to wells fargo and was unable to get tickets to fan fest because they said it was a wells fargo appreciation thing and you had to have an account with them to go.. ??? Is this the comcast thing all over again or are some people at the bank confused because I thought this was a blazer fan appreciation thing not a thing for wells fargo customers that happen to like basketball. I don't understand.. I was really angry when I left the bank.. can you comment on why I couldn't get tickets.. what's your take on it?

hg said...


I went to the last 2 fanfest and I am not a Wells fargo customer. I have heard it said many times that you don't have to be a Wells Fargo customer.

Try to go to a different branch. In fact it was said that you could get tickets at the event because no one would be turned away.


hawkblogger said...

more footage of Oden, please! All this talk of improvement. Got to see it to believe it.