Tuesday, September 22, 2009

09.21.09 Trail Blazers Courtside

You missed out if you didn't catch Trail Blazers Courtside last night streaming live right here at trailblazers.com (and on Comcast Sports Net). Mike Barrett, Mike Rice, Brian Wheeler and a slew of new sound effects made for an entertaining show. Guests included Juwan Howard, Bill Bayno, Jason Quick and Merlin. You can watch the archive here, but I know most of you like to listen on your MP3 players, so I've provided the audio below.

Hour One

Download Trail Blazers Courtside (Hour One) (38.7 MB)

Hour Two

Download Trail Blazers Courtside (Hour Two) (38.7 MB)

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Brian said...

Hello Casey,

Any chance we could get last week's (9/14) episode too? It is much harder for many of us to be able to listen now that 95.5 is not carrying the program on local radio! We really rely on the podcast! -Thanks!

teradasan said...

Juwan is the man! Tough and experienced.

Rafa y Julius Erving said...

ñ´s Málaga.
¡¡¡ Felicidades Rudysimo !!!

No estés triste porque creas que no se la valora lo que estaís haciendo por el baloncesto de España,ya sabes lo que son medios "desinformativos".
Pero a los que nos gusta el Baloncesto estaremos eternamente agradecidos por los buenos momentos que TU y el EQUIPO nos habeis hecho pasar. Estamos seguros de que seguireis así muchos años.
¡¡ Enhorabuena campeones !!
Un abrazo desde Málaga...