Thursday, September 17, 2009

09.17.09 Podcast

Well, since we recorded the podcast this morning Juwan Howard was signed and the Spanish put a beatdown on the French, but there's still plenty of reason to listen to this week's podcast with Dave Deckard of and me, Casey Holdahl, of (Gavin has the week off). Dave and I take turns steering the podcast ship in Gavin's absence, which has it's positives and negatives.

This week we talk about the importance, or lack thereof, of the preseason, whether you can trust anything you hear during the summer months, if Bayless, Cunningham and Pendergraph will see any minutes, Brandon Roy's weight and Dave's elementary school crush.

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pxilpooshr said...

Stop being so self deprecating Casey, it's pathetic. ;)

replicajewelry said...

it is really suprising move by Portland.Howard is at his 36 and hasn't play much recently. maybe his experience make him stand out. Good luck anyway.

marshdom said...

Hey Casey,

Is there, by chance, a podcast available for Courtside? Maybe I'm missing it?


Casey Holdahl said...

Sorry Marshdom. The Courtside CDs recorded two hours of dead air. I guess with the new studio the inputs were set up properly. I'll have next week's show up, but there won't be a podcast for last Monday's edition.