Thursday, September 24, 2009

09.23.09 Podcast

The offseason officially ends on Monday, so today's Podcast is sort of like the calm before the storm. Gavin Dawson of 95.5 The Game, Dave Deckard of Blazers and Casey Holdahl (that's me) of talk 40 MBs worth of shop.

In today's podcast we briefly discuss coaches/front office media day, Nate McMillan's training camp starters, the fight for the 15th roster spot, the impact of money, foreign or otherwise, in the NBA and both Gavin and Dave tease some upcoming announcements. It's mysterious.

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John said...

offseason ends monday? Does that mean camp starting?

Thanks for doing these awesome podcasts!

Casey Holdahl said...

Players have to report Monday for meetings/media day, then camp starts Tuesday.

Scott said...

I'm surprised by the nonchalance about Russian ownership (not the nationality, but the scope of resources). Dave is right in his assessment that increased resources do not correlate to an increase in the talent pool. Take LaMarcus, as an example. If he becomes a RFA next off season who can offer him a max deal (and bolster it by the form of a "toxic" contract)? That's right, the man with the money looking to make an instant impact. It doesn't matter if, objectively, LA's not worth it. And that's how the league plays out when people with egos and money-to-burn get into ownership. The only saving grace is that next summer should be rife with more juicy (read "marketable") free agents to chase and, if push came to shove, perhaps Paul Allen might pony up for LA if forced...but that sets a dangerous precedent when you've got guys like Oden coming up for renewal in the near-term thereafter.