Monday, July 6, 2009

Video: Nicolas Batum Interview

Had a chance today to talk and walk a bit with Nicolas Batum in Paris. Nic had actually come straight from the airport after having spent the last few weeks training in Dallas in preparation for the European Championships. Nic, along with the likes of Tony Parker, Boris Diaw, Joakim Noah and Ronny Turiaf, plan on making a deep run in Poland in September. Nic even threw out the possibility of playing Rudy and Team Spain in the finals.

Nic, like Rudy, seems much more comfortable on his native soil. I was a little afraid that, after a few months removed from Portland, Nic's English might have regressed. Turns out the opposite was true. Nicolas was more forthright, direct, explanatory and understandable than I ever remember him being in Portland. Maybe a little time away did him good. Seems like it to me.

I pulled that LaMarcus Flip Cam out for part of the interview, and you can watch that video here. I'll have more from my conversations with Nicolas over the next few days.


fivehundreddogs said...

Wahoo! Nic Batum + offense = unstoppable!

I am so excited to see what he brings to the European Championships. How would you recommend following that? Is it going to be televised here in the states, or perhaps streaming online somewhere? I really want to watch those games to see what we're in for.

Go Blazers.

hg said...

I read the article with translation from Reverse Magazine Than this, It really makes me excited.

Most of us bloggers felt he was being held back last year. Nate told him to play defense and shoot threes until the end of the year than he said he wanted him to start developing his offense.
Ask fivehundredogs I have been saying that kid can play offense right now if Nate would let him (dunks on Gasol comes to mind). Just think he hasn’t even got started yet. Last year he was told to be like Bowen, this year he is suppose to be like Prince. Prince told BRoy that he was glad Nate took him out of the game. That really got Batman excited.

Great article. Keep it coming. With Batman why do we need Turk. He would just take Nic’s minutes.