Thursday, July 16, 2009

07.16.09 Podcast

After a two week hiatus caused by my trip to Europe, the Podcast triumvirate is back in action Gavin Dawson of 95.5 The Game, Dave Deckard of Blazer's and I, Casey Holdahl of discuss most everything that has happened since the last time we sat down in the studio before the draft. Seems like an eternity ago.

Topics include Hedo, Millsap, McMillan, Pritchard, Roy, Bayless, free agency, cap space, the trade deadline, Batum and Claver. It's about an hour long, so grab a drink and hit up the bathroom before pressing the play button.

Download the podcast (59.8 MB)


hg said...

I really missed the podcast. I get more on this than I do on courtside, because of no commercials.

I read Dave’s blog continuously and really enjoy it.

I want to make comments on smoking. if you train hard you can overcome the effect of a cigarettes. It is kind of like being a bulimic. You eat too much and upchuck to stop from gaining wt. Doing either one is bad, bad, bad for you but you lessen the effect. I know I smoked for 30 years and when I over-indulged in food, I just ran an extra mile or two to wear if off. When you get older is when the effect of both get to you and there is a consequence to pay.

I disagree with you three on winning more with what we have. Our four rookies are going to have an opportunity to improve. Maybe better in one year than somebody we trade for. Being a Veteran player does not make you better. In fact it is as easy to pick up bad habits as a vet as good ones. A vet that does good with one team is locked in to their system and may not be able to fit somewhere else.

I read your article Dave about this team not being able to stay together because we have to much talant and sooner or later they will want more playing time. I have to agree with you on that. But, who has to leave? I will have to go along with you that by February we may know but we don't yet. Plus the fact that the trade value of our players hasn't been reached yet.

I feel Rudy could play Pt better than Hinrich and we could keep Blake. I have to agree with you on Jerryd also the jury is still out on him in my mind, but I don't get to see him that much to know. I do feel that Jerryd might be Jerryd's biggest hold up. Furious competitors can't be second very long. It is not only being the best, it is like playing king of the mountain. There is only room for one on top and we will knock off anybody else that wants up there with him.

I can't imagine trading off LMA. But I can't figure out why the Blazers are going after the players they do.


Grace said...

I cant figure out why we are constantly look at Bayless as a starting PG. Why isnt he being looked at as a potential spark plug scoring guard and let him learn the PG skills on the fly. It is one way to "free Bayless" (As Matt Moore would say) and let him learn the position. I think the blazers need a second unit guy who can play with the ball in his hands. Watching summer league was frustrating because i felt like Jerryd was getting where he wanted to and kicking to open shooters who were missing open jumpers. Place Bayless with a 2nd unit that includes Outlaw, Rudy, Martell his ability to get into the paint could be deadly and with a second unit he wont have to "facilitate," he can just make plays.