Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trail Blazers Courtside Podcasts

Brian Wheeler was somewhere between Las Vegas and Portland and Mike Rice was too busy golfing, but Mike Barrett and Michael Holton managed to do a fine job of hosting this week's edition of Trail Blazers Courtside all by themselves. Joe Prunty, Dante Cunningham, Joe Freeman and Kevin Arnovitz were all guests on this week's show.

You've got a couple options in the event that you missed Monday night's show. You can watch the show online here (which is the case with all editions of Courtside moving forward), or you can download the podcasts below.

Trail Blazers Courtside (Hour One)

Download the podcast (38.7 MB)

Trail Blazers Courtside (Hour Two)

Download the podcast (38.5 MB)

Courtside Interview With Joe Prunty

Download the podcast (10.5 MB)

Courtside Interview With Dante Cunningham

Download the podcast (5.2 MB)

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