Monday, May 18, 2009

Show Your Support For Brian Grant

Brian Grant, one of the all-time beloved Trail Blazers, went public today to discuss his battle with Parkinson's Disease. It's a terrible affliction for anyone to deal with, but it must be that much more difficult to be diagnosed with this disease when you've relied so heavily on your body for your livelihood. It sounds like he's already making great strides in battling the condition.

If you'd like to support or at least stay current with Grant's fight against Parkinson's, you can follow him on Twitter, join his Facebook group, and watch "Outside The Lines" this Sunday.


aneebaba said...

BG! BG! BG! Man, he was a great Blazer, loved his toughness and was a great all around personality on the team.Plus, he still lives in the Ptown area, gotta love that. Sending him best wishes and I know he's gone stay strong throughout the illness and do the best he can. We love you BG!

Tim Sandel said...

BG! My name is Tim Sandel I have been a blazer fan since 1975 and I will say truthfully if we would of had more BG's on those teams through those year's we would have won more then one championship.We often wonder why such terrible thing's half to happen to such great human being's, the only thing I know is that God has his reason's. BG remember this please,I had a friend who died of cancer at the age of 54 only a few years older then Iam, anyway during his battle he told me this,"God does'nt always give us thing's we can handle, He give's us thing's he can help us handle." My family and I are praying for you, So BG put those sneaker's on and go win this battle! Our thought's and prayer's, The Sandel Family.

aleem said...

bro grant,
my name is aleem shabazz i am sports director for crescent sports news. "man plans and god plans and god is the best of planners." you have been such a good human being. you are one of the most giving person that i know.
you have a beautiful family and you have all are support!!!