Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Once Ron Goes Roy, He'll Never Go Bryant

At first, it seemed as though Ron Artest's declaration that Brandon Roy was "probably the best player I've ever played against" was a bit of a farce; an attempt at reverse psychological warfare. Artest backtracked the next day, declaring, in jest, that he was the best player in the league. Who knows what Artest was getting at, if anything, but if nothing else, you got the feeling Ron-Ron had a healthy respect for B.Roy.

And now, even though the Rockets have moved on to playing the Lakers, Artest can't stop giving it up for Roy. And what's even sweeter, Artest is talking up Roy at Kobe Bryant's expense. From J.A. Adande's article in today's Daily Dime on ESPN.com:
Artest wasn't rescinding his remarks that Portland's Brandon Roy is the best player he's gone against. He even expanded on them.

"Brandon Roy ... that comment was made because I really enjoy watching young fellas in the NBA," Artest said. "And I really enjoy just how talented they are. I mean, I'm 29, these guys come in, LeBron came in, I guess he's five years younger than me, these guys are coming in getting MVPs, playing great and leading their teams. I look up to that. I'm finished looking up to Kobe. That was a couple of years ago. There's young guys in there to look up to now. Like Brandon Roys and LeBron Jameses and Dwyane Wades, you know? O.J. Mayos ... I would like to give those guys all the confidence in the world, I want to see them do well."
So not only is Artest looking up to Roy, he's also mentioning his name in the same breathe as LeBron and D.Wade. High praise.

And there was a little extra nugget from Artest regarding Roy in Shelly Smith's writeup, also on ESPN.com's Daily Dime.
"I wish I would have matured as fast as guys like LeBron, Dwyane Wade, Brandon Roy," he said. "When I got a little college fame, got into the NBA, I veered to the left and wasn't focused on team so much, was focused on myself. It took me 10 years, unfortunately took me so long for me to understand that."
Better late than never. I'd like to cordially invite Ron Artest to become a card-carrying member of the Brandon Roy Fan Club, if he isn't already.


John said...

did you see the R for Roy he carved into his hair? Artest is really fun to watch when he's not playing the blazers. He runs like an old man and wears his shorts kind of like one too.

Rick_Dawg said...

Casey, do you think next year we should take a chance and maybe bring in Artest? He's a great perimeter defender, tough as nails, has that little touch of crazy that we need, and seems (lately) like he's turned over a new leaf. Do you think we should look at him at least? Or is he just one beer throw away from coming unglued again?

hg said...

Well, I have never had any love for Ron Artest, but if he can change so can I.

I never condemn or judge. If I don't like somebody's attitude I just stay away.

Him and the Rockets scorched the L*kers that is alright with me.

I don't know where the Lakers bloggers went.


BRoyFTW said...

I would welcome Artest or Battier on the Blazers. I've always thought of Battier as a perfect player for Portland. Artest would be just as good. These older guys like Artest and Vince Carter are starting to realize that they are part of a team. I think it's great they want to take a back seat if it's what's good for the team.

corybauer said...

Call me crazy but if he's that much of a B Roy fan I'd welcome him on this team.

NEVER thought I'd say that.

aneebaba said...

Hey, those are nice comments to hear, but I don't think I would go as far as to say I'd want him. Battier? For sure, I liked back in his college days. Anyways, its good to hear - I would love it if the Rockets upset the L*akers (I'm not sure what it means to put the asterisk there, but I'll just be a follower ;-) ) Hope you're holding up there Casey . . . should be an interesting off season, but I think we are all itching for the season to start already!

Casey Holdahl said...

John: I did see the hair. The man has a flare for the dramatic.

Rick: I think there would be worse ideas. I talked to him a few times and he was always cordial. I think he's probably taken the steps he need to take to get his life in order.

hg: they're hold up until the Blazers play next season. My theory is "Laker" fans are fans of rooting against other teams, rather than actually pulling for the Lake Show.

BRoyFTW: I don't know if I'd group VC in with Artest and Battier, but I agree with your basic premise.

cory: no kidding. never say never, right?

aneebaba: Yeah, I don't know if I'd go that far either. Offseason won't last for long!