Tuesday, May 19, 2009

05.18.09 Trail Blazers Courtside Podcast

There was so much good stuff on last night's edition of Trail Blazers Courtside. You'll want to take it all in, especially with the severe lack of new Trail Blazers news.

First off, you can listen to both hours of Courtside commercial-free. Mike Barrett, Brian Wheeler and Antonio Harvey hold down the hosting duties. Mike Rice was undoubtedly on the golf course getting in a few extra holes before the rain returned.

Hour One

Download the podcast (38.5 MB)

Hour Two

Download the podcast (38.6 MB)

If for some reason you don't have enough time to listen to both hours (though what kind of Trail Blazers fan wouldn't), I've broken out three interviews from the show. Team President Larry Miller, NEW Vice President of Basketball Operations Tom Penn and Director of College Scouting Chad "Buck" Buchanan all made appearances on Monday's show, which you can listen to below.

Larry Miller

Download the podcast (16.5 MB)

Lots of good information during that interview on the plans to develop the Rose Quarter.

Tom Penn

Download the podcast (8.5 MB)

Far as I know, this interview is the only public statement Penn has made since deciding to stick with the organization. Penn talks about his decision and what it entails. And as always with Penn, the discussion eventually makes it's way to the salary cap.

Chad Buchanan

Download the podcast (8.3 MB)

Last but not least, Chad Buchanan talks about last week's pre-draft workouts, the upcoming workouts both in Portland and beyond, the relative weakness of this year's draft and the lack of international talent coming into the league this season. Buchanan is always a great listen.

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