Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Video: McMillan, Roy post-game

The Trail Blazers locker room last night was about as somber as you're going to see after a win. It's great to get the W, but if this team really has aspirations of making the playoffs they have to perform better than they did last night against the Kings, especially the Kings sans Kevin Martin.

You'll probably notice in the video below that neither Nate McMillan nor Brandon Roy crack a smile during post-game comments. They know they got lucky, again. And they both know that luck is only going to get you so far in an 82 game season.

For more video from last night's game, check out the highlight reel put together by our very own Steven Moon and Joel Przybilla's post-game on court interview with Rebecca Haarlow.


Bleah said...

Squeaked out a win in that one. Hey Casey, have you heard any more news on Maurice Lucas? Is he gonna be coming back and joining the team any time soon? I ask because coach Luke was one of my favorites, and I really thought he could be like a mentor to Greg, and I'm hoping he's feelin better. Thanks for the great job Casey.

Ryan G said...

Thanks Casey,
Can you please if possible try to post a mp3 of "Blazers Courtside" from last night on the blog today. Us international fans need as much Blazers coverage as we can get and that show is probably the best around.


Casey Holdahl said...

Bleah: Coach Lucas is feeling better, but I think it's going to be a bit longer before he returns to practice. Being a coach takes quite a bit of physical exertion, and I think they'd rather play it safe.

Ryan: If they left me the cd's, I'll make sure Courtside gets up. Don't forget to listen to my podcast later today!