Saturday, November 15, 2008

Video: McMillan, Oden post-game

Greetings from Minneapolis, the last stop on a four game road swing. Technically I guess it's a five game road trip since we've got Golden State in Oakland on Tuesday, but the team is heading back to Portland tonight, resting up on Sunday, then flying out to the bay area on Monday. You can't overestimate the importance of sleeping in your own bed.

Here's some post-game video of Nate McMillan and Greg Oden from last night's game. Not to many long faces in the locker room, as the team knows they could have won last night in New Orleans. That's not to say that anyone was satisfied with the result, but it could have very easily gone the other way.

(Sorry for the poor video quality. I think my camera is about ready to call it a career so she can spend more time with her family.)


Chris Todd said...

The video is good enough, the problem is the audio. You need a better directional mic so you don't pick up so much background noise.

Casey Holdahl said...

Good point Todd, though I don't know that, if this instance, it would have helped. We're basically in a concrete tunnel with a bunch of people waiting for their family members to exit the locker room, and they tend to be loud after a win.

BlazerRed said...

Greg doesn't look like he had fun out there. maybe its just cause they lost. nice to see him come back with a double/double. was a great listen on "radio"... no further comment.