Friday, November 21, 2008

Something for the Spanish speakers

My understanding of Spanish is limited to what little I retained from a course in the 10th grade, so the two videos below regarding Rudy Fernandez and his journey to the NBA are, by and large, lost on me. I'm sure it's enjoyable for those of you who do speak Rudy's native tongue.

It's worth a watch even if, like me, you're a monolinguist. Footage of Rudy as a long-armed youngster playing soccer and basketball are priceless. I appreciated Rudy rocking the Oregon Track t-shirt as well.

(Tip of the hat to the Willamette Week)


marshdom said...

Anyone know how to put English subtitles onto this?!?!

Great videos, thanks.

Awesome Blossoms said...

its good to see Rudy come down here man we the fans love ya man



corybauer said...

Really wish this had English subtitles.

JohnVM said...

Those are great vids! I don't speak a word of Spanish but you can get a feeling for what is going on.

Adam said...

It would be great if this were subtitled - it is a really nice portrait of a nice guy. I understood most of it, but when Rudy and Sergio get together, they talk really fast and mumble. I lost the thread of the narrative during that time.

Even if you can't understand everything, tune in at 1:45 in the first video to see Rudy saying goodbye to his dog back in Spain, then stick around for a minute to see some footage of Rudy playing hoops at age 9.

jwoo73 said...

What everyone knows: We acquired a phenomenal player. Here is what some of us already knew and what others are going to learn soon enough: the city is blessed to have such a wonderful human being added to this team.

I don't think there is a team in the league that can come close to matching the Blazers in terms of character. Top to bottom, our guys are solid individuals.

Dejan said...

Hi everyone, I uploaded these videos to YouTube and you're gonna have subtitles soon. I'm putting Spanish subtitles first, but YouTube can translate them so you can understand everything more or less. Check the first part to prove it. Part 2 will be subtitled soon. Then I'll try to translate it myself to have a little more precise translation. I hope it's useful for the non-Spanish speakers.